"The ERU is definitely an item to watch, and it is poised to redefine the pull though sharpener and carbide plates for sharpening in general."

ERU User
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"I had participated in the original product testing of this device, and the improvements from the prototype are good. If you go where a set of stones or a belt grinder isn't going to be available, this will be the thing to take."

"Additionally, it will be just the right tool to touch up an edge during game dressing or filleting fish anywhere. I think the non-knifemaker folks can finally buy a knife with a good edge and keep it shaving sharp with an ERU."

Stacy E. Apelt
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"For the 20 plus years as a profession and before as a Cook and outdoors man I have tried most every gadget Gizmo with carbide inserts and they are all mediocre at best and usually very damaging as other have stated. Then I used Fred's ERU..."

"I sharpened knives of my own and production blades of CM154, 440C, CPM-S30V CPM-S35VN, 1095, O1, VG-10, VG-5, VG-1 and David Boye's Detentric 440C that has huge carbides in it plus many mystery steels. This unit can be used on ALL steels! For the field it is the best sharpener of its size and configuration I have ever used."

Lawrence in California
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"I have been testing Fred's lapped ERU units daily for two weeks and have nothing but great things to say so far about the construction and design of them, they do one fine job of restoring & refinishing edges on fillet to cleaver sized knives."

"For the field, they are the best thing I have seen ever, due to their compact design & ease of function. All I suggest any hunter, camper or hiker add is a black marker to help you tune in the exact edge you are after."

ERU User

High quality construction. Made with precision.

The ERU is machined and engraved with precision using CNC milling machines, and includes a dyed and stamped hand-stitched leather sheath with belt-clip. Each unit is type-II anodized and dyed, giving it a finish that is both sturdy and elegant.

ERU with Leather Sheath

ERU Package

Comes with everything you need to produce a flat edge.

The ERU comes with all the degree wedges you see here, to use with your diamond plate or stone to get the edge of your blade at just the right angle.

Easy to use. And portable.

The ERU's sheath makes it the perfect portable field sharpener, plus it doubles as a holder keeping your fingers safely out of the way of the blade as you use it.

ERU held in hand